The Underwood Collection
The Underwood Collection

Season 2, Episode 11 · 1 year ago

UND 18.5 - Mid Season Bonus


From the desk of Ulysses Bamba, unlabelled.

Found by Morgan Gaiman during Ulysses’ time away from the office.

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The Underwood Collection is directed by U. Cornelia Bamba and produced by Bert Rotzler. This episode was edited by U. Cornelia Bamba.

Today's bonus was written by U. Cornelia Bamba.

The Underwood Theme, "some spooky sh*t is going on here,” was written by Theodore Goodwin. The Underwood logo was created by Mae B.

Sound effects by masgame, toddcircle, and previously credited artists via


Ever Bamba - Ross Ryth

The Curator - U. Cornelia Bamba

Content Warning for: *Implied sleep deprivation

The Underwood Collection is a derivative, non-canonical, fan-made project derived from The Magnus Archives, an original horror podcast which is created and distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. The Underwood Collection is not endorsed by Rusty Quill Ltd and is distributed under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial sharealike 4.0 international license. For more information about or to listen to the original source material visit

The underwood collection is aderivitivt non cononical fan made project derrived from the magnasancise,an original horrorpidcast, which is created and distributed by rusting follimited. The underwood collection is not endorsed by resting, ty limited andis distributed under a creative Commons attribut on noncommercial, sharelikefour point out international license for more information about the originalsource material is a www dot. Rusty, pull dcom, slash the magasangus...

...ulysses. I, what are you doing is at had one in the morning I mean it wasn't it was noon in the morning when westarted ulysses, wasn't I'm sorry, I didn't realize I'm not upset, I'm just worried. I know things have been tough recentlyand that's Oky, but you don't have to work yourself into afrenzy to try to make everything go back to Normansi's not going to penormal, and I can't make it not. I just want to make it ess confusing thores anything else. I can do lesyou're not making any sense ever. I...

...don't have any concreinnces right nowwhen I don't want to put you and IANGE WIT Wal. I know, and I I don't knowenough. I knew what I was getting into when I married you all right: I'm not scared bout, Beng,scaed Itnotur, if you're afraid ret a matterof life and death. Thit is matters that you are alive. O See. Tell me what'sgoing on, I'm sorry! I can't help. If I don't know, I con't know if frank isactually dead. That maybe is that what this is about.Yes, O. It sounds completely absurd. He went to his funeral. There was no bodythere wasn't a hey look at me, okay. I know that you want everything to makesense. Doctor Vanpa, and I know that...

...there is Lee way for certain things inyour line of work, but sometimes sometimes people die and it's okay to miss them. I know I just have to follow this through what reason to believe him right. Okay, but if you find that there's nowhere togo in this rabbit hole, you stop digging. Okay, Fro Ulysses. Are you recording this O God?I was using that fonote. Sorry turn that off and come to bed? Okay, whatare! You do you cook every night,it's the principle of EMA, bad! No! Okay: okay, okay, the underwood collection is a podcastproduced and distributed by the Pitch Library. Creative team find us on Titter at Fitch Library, N, Montubaret...

WW W do Ich library, dludom or contactus by sending an email to USAR foundation at Delo. The underwot thmewas written by Feodor Goodwin and the underwoond Loga was created by maybethank you o Listen.

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