The Underwood Collection
The Underwood Collection

Season 1, Episode 3 · 1 year ago

UND 02 - Reflection


Case #0020105. Statement of “Unnamed,” given on behalf of Cecil Coester. Original statement given January 5th, 2002.

Audio recording by UC Bamba, Assistant Curator of the Usher Foundation, Washington, D.C.

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The Underwood Collection is edited, produced and directed by U. Cornelia Bamba.

Today's statement was written by Cas (@octopodian). 

The Underwood Theme, "some spooky sh*t is going on here,” was written by Theodore Goodwin. The Underwood Logo was created by Mae B.

Sound effects by oddworld, idalize, rage91, prometheus888, damsur and other previously credited artists via


The Curator - U. Cornelia Bamba

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The Underwood Collection is a derivative, non-canonical, fan-made project derived from The Magnus Archives, an original horror podcast which is created and distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. The Underwood Collection is not endorsed by Rusty Quill Ltd and is distributed under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial sharealike 4.0 international license. For more information about or to listen to the original source material visit 

The underwood collection is aderivative noncononical fanmade project derived from the MAGNA Sancise, anoriginal horror podcast, which is created and distributed by rustic pillimited. The underwood collection is not endorsed by Rustic Thel Limited andis distributed under a creative Commons attribution noncommercial, sharealifefour point: Ou International license for more information about the originalsource material vis at wwwdot, rusty, pillcom Lash, the Magnasur cives, the underwood collection episode to reflection statement of someone. No, I cannot read that on behalf of cesl Costa originalstatement, given fifth of January two...

...thousand and two recording by UC vamberassistant, curator Om the Asha Foundation, WASHINGTON DC statement begins. What do you see when you look in aMirror SA rather simple question? You see yourself most likely. Why? Wouldn't you so boring, so ordinary Zassel Costen? Never did he saw things that could not be real. He all things that were painfully real.He saw lines after lies after lives, the worst of them. Although theabsolute worst of the countless nightmare...

...what'swhen, he merely saw himself it scared him. He avoided reflections during the day he was tortured by dreams of endlesshalls of endless mirrors at night. At some point they stopped being dreams. The CESIL was scared, not stupid. He smashed every mirror. He could find destroying his own face fracturinghimself over and over and over until one of them did not break and he looked in and he saw us hundreds and thousands of us he witnessed our twisting and heunderstood...

...he knew what he was meant for for his true potential wars. He smiled at his reflection for thevery first time, and then he became it. I was reborn and unborn and it wasnothing short of EUPHORC. I wonder, can you even imagine howfreeing it is to exist on your own terms? I doubt it. You are so obsessed with labels andboxes and need little truths. Words cannot contain me. Truth cannot describe me reality itself is too narrow for what Iam and what I am is glorious.

I could show you I could trap you in your own face untilyou understood until you saw our perfection reflectedwithin your own eyes. How would your clothes minded God feelabout that? I wonder no better! Not! There is much more coming for you now. I am very excited to see how itunfolds next time you look in a Mirra. Do me afavor? Will you smile and ask yourself who exactly is smilingback, be seeing you statement ands, always something of a treat to find oneof these do break out the old recorder, especially after a long day of absolutenonsense.

It is strange, though, to read afanatical statement like this to come to terms with the idea that people arenjust hapless victims that there are those who chose the life of of serving fear who love it. It's fascinating awful, but Fascinat there were ar no leads to follow upupon that. Didn't really expect that to be still. This statement does back upMiter, sages experiences in case number. Let's see if I can remember this: ZeroZero, four, zero, five oned six yeah, whoever this unnamed statement giver is they obviously enjoy what they do fartoo much to be reasoned with...

...not too much of a surprise. But it'stoo late for a good joke, got daynight tomorrow and ever will kill me if theyfind out how late I stayed here so I'll, be clocking out. OPE Flo Mont be smashing any mirrors onthe way. herdits bad luck and recording the underwood collection is a podcastproduced and distributed by the Pitch Library. Creative team find us ontwitter at Pitch Library, ontompeat, wwwh library, decom or contact us bysending an email to USO foundation at dcom. The underwood theme was writtenby Fhedor Goodon and the Underwon logo was cormitted by. Maybe thank you forlistening.

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