The Underwood Collection
The Underwood Collection

Season 2, Episode 13 · 1 year ago

UND 20 - Homecoming


Statement of Dr Franklin Prosper, regarding an escape. Statement recorded live from subject, March 18, 2017.

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The Underwood Collection is directed by U. Cornelia Bamba and produced by Bert Rotzler. This episode was edited by U. Cornelia Bamba.

Today's statement was written by Maeve M. 

The Underwood Theme, "some spooky sh*t is going on here,” was written by Theodore Goodwin. The Underwood logo was created by Mae B.

Sound effects by halimturk, lamamakesmusic, klankbeeld, calgre, n-audioman, and other previously credited artists via Music by Kai Engel and Blear Moon from the Free Music Archive. 


The Curator - U. Cornelia Bamba

Tourist - Sam Dilling

Frank Prosper - Robert Rotzler

Content Warning for: 

*Attempted homicide


*Plane crash


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The underwood collection is aderivitive non cononical fan made project derived from the magnazine EANoriginal horrorpacast, which jist created and distributed by restingfolimited. The underwood collection is not endorsed by resticy limited and isdistributed under a creative Commons. Attributton noncommercial share alifefour point out international license for more information about the originalsource material is a www dot. Rustypull com, slash the magnazen Gus, the Underwood Collection, episide,twenty oookay, it's noon on the dark. I got Morgan tocove of me and say that I'm getting lunch, which is true on some level andrecording myself just in case, but I promise that this won't be a tape of meeating a Kas to do that's disgusting, I'm looking for frank following theguidelines he left in the Morst coad note. I don't know when, if I'm goingto find him, I don't know what I'm expecting honestly, but I'm on my way to the obeliskstaying as visible as possible and hoping for the best. It's twelve o five, I'm at the Obelisnow just walking around the bath, trying not toattract the attention of Taurists, which isn't working, wow rink was wright about one thing andit'at this place is as public as possible. I just ecuse me Tir: Do youknow how to get to the National Mall from her? This is the National Moorl. Irecommend getting a map of place to grab threeones right, O there al rightthings, Eby Frank. The things I put up with for you, it's twelve fifteen 'till, nothing found a bench city is pretty good. Twelve. Twenty two. I figured I'd justwait until twelve thirty, but then I got bored honestly, the more I wait, the more I'mjust confused. I know that was friendshandwrising. I know the notes had to come here on today's Day this time andyet nothing o stupid to have held out this muchhope on scrap. Well. At least I had an eyelunch, it's now, twelve thirty one whichspeaks wonders to my self control. You knowmaybe. This is all part of somesecret Plotfoajrian to murder me, which I have simply thought I was avoiding bydiving into this hole. Other disaster- and you know at this point I would notbe surprised. Life is already spirling and terrible. Now your starting toSelit me mother, Bucka, you'rl late canever, betoo gotous. I've been his since noon. Yes, I looked like you were havingquite the peaceful lunch wouldn't wanted Interut. I cannot believe youyou've J you've. Just let me get harassed by tourists and and wait roundlike a paranoid. Fool who's got no idea. What's going on following brandomscraps of information under the blind assumption that you wante to uptrocious Utrmayour God, you made the call to the followup. I was latebecause I had to make sure it was you sitting here not so twisted trick ofthe light wel the dark strirtinly speak, but you catch my thrit. I was alwaysgoing to come. I'm sorry, it's enero, weak...

...oartat too. It's been a lot since you've been gone.I mean I don't even know what's going on,except that I figure out the less sends everything seems to make and and I'sjust on the frond of what happened to you, not even considering the fact thatantswer apparently becoming a major Ar r the o time of time its good to see agahave. You now thityfive of apvy birthday, thanks so greetings out of thewhat. Do you want onow, mostly just btthe hell, hn Edritrid, O Killi Yeah?I think it so you know about her. The arrangement with the DART. The thing inthe Marros gave me Hudlto statement. How are Agean to at that? No, the mayors, theywere always very good to me when I was in your position. Ive Been Micev ismuch more trustforte than Adraa, although I suppose that wasn't a highbar good. I don't really know how to re theemotional state of the personification of a reflection, but it didn't seem, goAria doesn't control the mirror. So I asked them to keep quite a few savendsand notes safe for me. F The end, I reconize that simply hiding thestatements wouldn't keep a ran away from my descent, so I recommended, ifyou'd be dropped off for you when I was inevitably removed in you. I was fairlycertain Adrian had plans. I disagreed to her. She acted as if running thefoundation was a war to be on, and maybe it was to her, but I disalot EFtreatment of the enities and their avatars and she decided that men haddidt not have a nerve treatment of Tavato. What plans frankout here and not obto right. The point is that I refused and Adrian got chily. I thought it would be temporaryuntil you showed up she started giving you statements right away, probablytesting how you could handle it and when you could, I knew I didn't have much time. It was pragmatic to her a much morepermanent way of laying me off drink and say somewhere Y O, be you dideverything right, you're here Argent, I guess you've got that recorded. Haven't youyeah. I figured if this was actually Adrian tying to kill me better, get iton Cape. The howhy. Do you ask I'm going to give a statement? There's anylast thing I can do ish this. The dark doesn't like to be rehorsed. piting,Agrian, postmoltan old post should have been wont, t him anyway, just doing mypart whenever your radioses Oky statement of docdirferent and prosperregarding an escape right, stamen recorded life fromsubject, eightee, mots theand and seventeen statement ega right. The last thing Iremembered before all hell brokers was walking into Adrian's office. I handedmy resignation better to go out of my own terms. Ithought I plan to hand it in speak to her and face whatever consequences cameto E. I barely got through the door beforethe world. Wend Lawa felt like moments later woke up from whatever sort oftrance Adrian put me in completely disoriated sitting in a small plainright by the window, with a woman and her child settling into the two sesbeside me should have rushed out then, but I couldn't get my bearings until e werealready lifting off the ground and ot a stuck. I tried not to panic searching roundthe cabin for some sign of where I was...

...asked around a bit questioning myneighbors and af few confused flight attendance, which got me worth than afew strange looks, but eventually it seemed. We only had just left Dec and Iwondered if maybe this was. This was just a grand getting rid of meletting me go it wasn't. Of course we both knew thatit didn't matter much. However, I would have been sucked there anyway until welanded. I wasn't going anywhere a thousand feet in the sky and rising.There was nothing for me to do but wait so I turned to the window and waitedHart pounding. My chess. It was foggy night. Oananit e wanted tobe flying n crash risk goes up, can't see five feet in front of you. It'sjust such a desorian feeling you know taking off in the fog at night. You canhardly tell which ways up and you barely even feel like you're movingthis fog in particular, so more solid, like you can frangllyreach touch. Actually I was on edge, but there was nothing. I could do atthat point, so I sat and I stared out the window with bread and the pit of mystomach is because we were swallowed by the night sky. It was lonely enough without the fearbehind it, but this reminded me too much of everything. Before ofeverything I wanted to leav behind I'd, seen the lost look on on e faces, asthe pressure rose in our ears, that I knew that, no matter how many of us were onthat plane, we may soon be beyond connection. We headed UPUP into the clouds, pastlayers and layers of the missaes ascending for what felt like forever.The clouds never ended. There was nothing I could do. We werealready in the air. I had to distract myself in the Pan Somein as atredSuffakin, so I felcused as much as I could on the sky outside to keep deepbreath. Tring to I. I still found my thoughts. Drifting though moving towhatever the hell I was doing on this damn plane. I wanted to get the hellout of ther FSO long and I hoped against Ot. This was leaving fort. Ithink deep down, I could tell I wasn't going to get through that flightwithout incin Adrian wasn't letting me go aout an te tention in the air feltcow bubble. It wasn't just a random blackout. An this wasn't just my ticketout of here. This was her plan. I continued to stare, though readingdeeply and trying not to let theor the fog around us is getting heavier.Ou. Have your not letting up, even as we lifed it at some point, I decided it must have turned to clouds, buteverything just looked the same. The ground might have only been a fewmeters away or a few miles, but everything was so dark. It didn'tmatter in my mind, we were flying a millionmiles over not a speccalad in sight, just soaring soring through UPAN air.Of course I could tell from the moovement of the plan and the swooping in my stomach, whichway we were headed, but sometimes for a moment. The plan moved gowwards alittle too quickly and the outside didn't seem to move and for a second, it was likefotingalone in the sky. The fog continue get thicker andthicker the warmth of the cabin lowering just slightly enough forpeople to start sharing but never low enough that anyone, but me had yetnoticed that something was wrong. It was, as I searched round for anexplanation to the dropping temperatures thatmog began to Seean. Icould tell almost me even witout, looking from Sunice old climate that ithad happened, the people around me seemed to begrowing more and more concerned, putting on any codor jumpers that theyhad with them back on and angrly questioning whatever poor flight at tenwould listen. None of them, however,...

...seeme to notice slowly be this. The cold had started a numthe feelingof my toast. No one else seemed have noticed this nest and the noticewasbeginning to spread. It was the recognizable numbness of thelonely and the fog was filling the space faster than it seemed should have.When I looked at it maninglessway so marer hoset, I haven't taken my eyes off the wintowsance, the fog started seeping it. The mumbling of t e passenger ran me thesoft conversation of the mother and child. In my right, all slowly, drawnedout by Umphownin my heart and the deep lasur sharp focus on the world outsidepraying that we breach the fot that I could see the sin and relax back intomy seat that I culd Skan. That moment never came of course.Instead, I slowly started to notice shadows in the cloud large shuts big,slow, lumbering set. I almost screamed when I caught the first glipse of thecreatures casting the shells, huge scel, somehow moving thogh theopen air like walking, soly, beginning to t notice of our plaing passage andmoving towards and opening their milds to cry out, and the only thing I couldsee was this rag so fast and incomprehensible. It has seemed to bethus cone. Andit seemed to be smiled and I felt aleast swallowed by the infinite open scoitsmouth the sky had opened its tea, fors and wee foolish and mortal and so naive.The insignificance of our own existence. Bre flew right in and I did screak. Inthat moment, I screamed until my lungs felt like they would burst and allround me the skys swallowed that sound old, my tig intical Screeng loss lostin its fastest and caring, and I was so small andiwas. I scramed till my throat was sore ITDstill knowing around me nos the fog wrapped around me, muffling it and dimn the Cabin Aron. The thing to finally pull me out ofthat transace sound of another cry and the shattery of class. Someone right behind me was screaming,and I spun around Tond See what the problem was: one of the windows, twoseets dackfor war, beand sitting the whole flight smash and the three seatsbeside it Enin another window smashed then another all around metherscreaming and panic as the people who had been sitting in those seats justmoments before been snatched Rin. Their seats by large bony hand andtoss downdisappearing, the dars lows this is calculat. This was meant to getme out of the way. I knew it as much as I hated Adrian and Calim work. Thiswayalways pushing a little bit too long, always trying to eart one person andthen reveling in the collateral. I knew I was the INTENDA target of this L,though whether it was meant to kill Amillia and capacityte me. I stillcan't say all the same. There were people hear at the mercy of forces.They didn't understand going down alongside me for the amusement of a manwho whald Rada, Saint alone than swim with any help and the satisfaction of awoman insaein. The passenger beside me hand started Ta Sob, holding her childtightly as the fog gridged around the plain, the long thin Pale hands owhatever creatures had broken through the windows. Aron US snatched, ourfellow passengers and pulling them out in e Asi was half out of my seat bythis boy. The Air Round me freezing the oxygen mask beginning to drop and though the shop frose before minute,I quickly came back to my senses and dropped ithe people around he, w o werebeing torn from their seats faster than...

...they could scream a combination of therapidly dropping cabin pressure and the greedy hands of loaning figures,pulling them out the window and off into the yawning mob ta cloudy sky. I could barely see through the thickfog aroune, but the shadows of the creature slowly moving through the planwere large enough to make out as I crawled toward the front of the plane.They were hunting and I knew in my bones, but they were hunting for me. As I moved across the floor, I couldhear the passenger screaming around me grabbing at the people and objectsaround them, trying to escape their inevitable fate cold hands. Maybe those are fellowpassengers, maybe not grabbed at me as IA crawl, all of thempulling me Backwardh hhrew the windows out out into the open sky. I didn'teven know what I was crawling to just that if I kept moving the creaturesthat had begin to fully groan through the cabin couldn't take me, I couldn'tfind me in the fog and and swall me hole lost to the sky for him. I looked around fratently to attemptany sort of analysis of the situation, and finally, I saw the shapes of thecreatures that had been attacking US wolly. I don't know how they'd bet into theplane so incomprehensibly large they were, but somehow they did and theeffect was gorrifying stretching out the cabin. So it fell as Touh. The roofwere a thousand miles away and the lank was fully untroubors and I realized I was floating in theopen stone surrounded by both fast and lonely, surrounded by the chokingfeeling of inevitability. His fear could bee be po long for solong. Before I found me and finished me UF. There were no two ways about it. I wastracked we were all trapped, so I made a reckless last ditchdecision by this point. The creatures that hadcrashed into our plane had crashed through most of the windows. They werecrawling all over the plain and at some point had destroyed the door betweenthe cabin and the cockpit. So that's where I had it. CRAWLINGITT wasdifficult with all the hands: BRABBING IMEAN The screaging passengers allaround and this sudden increasing of the space inside the small plane, butthe creatures were distracted and I made it I'm sure you could figure out that I'venever flown a plane before so most of the controls were completely unfamiliarto me, but we had already started a div and I had nothing to lose. All I knewwas that I couldn't let her win. She wasn't going to take my life without afight where the lives of everyone on that plane. I was furious. I'm runningalmost entirely on Adron. It seemed like the only thing to do. I startedhitting buttons flipping switches. Anything I cul do to mess with thetrajectory Tiss plane almost immediately to began to fall the rabbit increase in our descentspeed. Maybe doubt everything I had just we were crashing and there' see.nopossible way, I can survive no way any of us. Cald survive at some point:Th Ren Stopnd, the mins descent seemed to sneaanevenmorning and I was hertain. I was going to die. Therei Didt feel the breezeblowing underneath the door and the horrible sweeping veeling of mygosbavisions are in a fameand. The sound of the wod flying byme slowlywent wayas. He Oshalizzie', I thought about M. I thought about Miranda, Imean what else was I going to do? No matterwhat happened? No matter what she thought, she's. Still my daughter, I thoughtas. I went into that freefallthat I was going to leave her behind and that that scared me more than anyritual nonsense. Everyoneso I usememoris and I pray to any God, Ai'm,not sure when I passed out, but I did... from Airlas wit, the speed ofWinsinwenarri towards the ground, a I I didn't remember anything Aview, Fuzzy, flashes of consciousSherbet. When I finally fullycape I was floatingin the middle of the ocean having been dragged out of the plane by anothertowntre Tas boful. He had nothing to do with it. We were stranded. Just as losto the vast nowas we have been before B, there were others. Althere were otherpeople there with thought yanged from their eyes a they didn't want to die Ha Group of people in the face ofBoiver Wolm in fear who don't want to die as a very, very powerful things,and you made it back somehow, there's scell service in the ocean. Do you knowthat not everyone's phones had died and the the plane went down with enoughlotation devises for those of us who survived the initial crash thereweren't many, but enough everything was ration battery water, buttles, thescarce food left in the backpacks, those who could killed the birds thatsooved towards our rapin curiosity and at them wrong. After three days cargoship picked us. I don't remember much af that time to be completely onest. Iwas working against hypothermia from the initial plunge and the moment wewere able to fly the ship. I was out again. Twenty of US made it back. There wereabout two hundred on te plane, but if I hadn't crashed it thee would not havebeen oneson. So I I have to feel like do the right thing statement: N Stav A. I can't believe she do somethinglike that. Think I poss that phase after readingabout how she modeit her own husband, I'm getting out of the foundation, itwas permanent. I never had the chance to officiallyquit I'll think T's. Consider I'm sure the dark will have its way with me inthe end, it'll be on my terms and as fso you're just going to leave ow no Adrian's awful, but the fairshave always been part of the job and there are good people in the foundation.Brank Morgan as Ma even good individuals. Yes, but the place isplason. I didn't notice until much much too late. So by the time I was removed, Sheisa. I was almost relieved.It happened slowly. First, an extra demand from Adrienn an a late nighthere and there then another- and I was always much too happy to aglangh hat'sthe point in saying no right, I was doing the research I loved right and then it just went on and on and othings I learned the deaths, the enities y. They didn't seem so badacceyou've already got the Itch for it, Don you yeah for finding what shouldn't beknown and then deciding that no one else needs to know it. I don't I'm notI'm not hiding anything from anyone, I'm the curate and that's my Jon ID. Iyou feel kid and I get it. I do but they're consequence to the job and theysuck. Okay. Are you going to tell me what they are a? I don't speak to my daughter. What Miranda he serious, thefoundations, swallowed meang alive. She didn't even know who was bythe. Shegave a statement about me. Did you know that she came into my office and toldme that her father disappeared? I'm so sorry and I a no ide, I'm notsaying the same will happen to you, but you need to know before you choose togo back. You need to know that whether you stay or leave, it's not going to bepretty.

You just might end up free. If that's true, I can't let everyonefind for themselves and the I had a feeling. You say that you got apencil paper. Oe Te Thuad a little useless. All if I hand it over there'stwo things: I'm in a write, dat transfer them to Paber as soon as youcan and give it to the mirrors. I don't know exactly what will happennext, but once I've left the foundation, I doubt I'll be the same. It'd be lessof a sacrifice to the dark. If I knew what was coming Tou Othink, will you beable to help us afterwards? I have no idea, but there's more than o in thepast that the mayrors are holding on too. For me, those files should helphere: Dorivela, OK, you're, not alone. In this S, that wasmy mistake. I thought I was and it almost gond me kills the people in thefoundation that you're staying for don't cut them. That's not aninspiratial message. THAT'S SURVIV! Yeah! Okay, thank you! O dying dogs upset. You BetEr, not I put in all this time trying to figure out what happene to you inthe first place, and now you know, then I hav ont comes with the territory. Speaking of let's not let the eygaintsway, I think the statement has given it all that it needs right and repoting. The underwood collection is a pacastproduced and distributed by the Pitch Library. Creative team find us on toitat Pitch Library, Montemar, www, dot, pinch library, daoe com or contactes.They said an email to unterfoundation, atthe underwad theme was written byFedor Goodwin and the underwoond Loga was mitted by. Maybe thank you for list.

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